Wednesday, April 19, 2006




So tonight I wanted to mop the kitchen floor, but to do that the boys have to be put away until the floor dries. Needless to say, they grew wise to this plan long ago and usually give me the runaround trying to avoid confinement. But the beauty of living together is that now there is one human for each cat. I enlisted Larry's help and we made a plan: he would pick up Zach, I would pick up Nigel, and we'd deposit them in the office before they knew what had happened.

Larry had already picked up Zach, and I was about to pick up Nigel when he freaked out and ran away. Then Zach freaked out too, but Larry was still holding him. I can't even remember the last time little Zachary scratched anyone, but he really did a number on Larry. Two on his chest and one under his chin. It looks SO painful. I feel really bad for him, and a little guilty because I was on the phone and trying to pick up Nigel with only one hand. I think this is a lesson for me to stop trying to clean the least while I'm on the phone!

Larry keeps saying, "Zach has a taste for blood now..." I guess if we see him forgoing the kitty condo for the kitty coffin we'll know for sure.


Christine said...

Hmmm... that cute little thing doesn't look evil at all. Perhaps he is just enacting revenge for something that Larry did to him. Maybe Zach is a Rachel Ray fan and just wants a little EVOO with his dinner and he knows that all that is standing between him and hours of enjoyment watching 30-Minute Meals, $40 a Day and Tasty Travels is Larry. I think that this is a very real possibility. Just something to think about.

PegLeg said...

Actually, I think $40 a Day was on and he was trying to get to the remote to turn it off. There's only so many times a kitty can hear, "HOW GOOD DOES THAT LOOK?"

Kristen said...

Okay, do I need to put you two in a time-out?