Saturday, April 28, 2007

What does $8.325 million buy?

Apparently, a head-case pitcher who gives up 6 runs in the first 1/3 of the first inning. That's right, at tonight's game Jeff Weaver pitched line drive after line drive, allowing nearly the entire Royals batting order to hit off of him. Now I know he has a history of pitching badly in April, but this has to be a new low. They should take him out of rotation for a while and get him to a good sports psychologist so he can get his confidence back. Because when I start feeling relieved that they put Mateo in, it is NOT a good sign.

So what do you do when it's the bottom of the first inning and you know your team is going to lose? You eat. Tonight was an unparalleled festival of gluttony. Major and minor league hotdogs, a cheeseburger and french fries, warm peanuts, disgusting yet delightful nachos with cheese and salsa, one desperate-attempt-to-warm-up coffee, a souvenir size Sierra Mist, and finally the really-cold-but-still-awesome-7th-inning Dr. Pepper. Mmm. We got to the ballpark early so we could watch batting practice, which was fun--we're usually the ones dashing in halfway through the first inning, so it was nice to be settled and watch all the pre-game rituals. It also meant we didn't have to stand in line as long for food...I think we'll have to remember that trick for next time.

The other highlight (besides watching my favorite player Yuni) was watching Raul Ibanez in left field. He made 3 really sweet catches tonight, one for a very exciting double play. Even on a bad night, it's still fun to be at the ballpark.


Stephanie said...

Sorry your team lost, but you know it made Matt oh-so-happy that the Royals can beat someone! He's going to KC in a few weeks to see them play the Mariners (he'll be in the front row, so look for him on TV!) Talk to you soon!

Christine said...

If this is going to turn into a sports blog, I'm so over it.

Mmmm... hots dogs, nachos, Dr. Pepper...

Well, as long as you detail the food as well as the game, maybe I'll keep reading. : )

Christine said...
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KendraL said...

Nothing like a day at the ballpark, that's for sure! Re: ballpark food -- Dodger Stadium got rid of the cheap $6.00 seats in favor of charging upwards of $30 for the same seats... and all-you-can-eat-ballpark-food.
Yeah...only in America.
I MISS the $6.00 seats, that was MY SECTION... now parking went up, too!