Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Start of Three Things

It's been waaayyy too long since I was blogging regularly, so I decided to use NaBloPoMo as a good kick in the pants to help me get started. While I'm easing back into things, I've devised a handy gimmick to guarantee one post a day for the next month - it's my own version of Three Things. Every day I'll post three things: three movies I want to see, three excellent winter squashes, three pictures I took that day. Let's get going!

Since I'm recovering from the flu, today's three things are:

Things I Was Grateful For While I Was Delirious With Fever

1. My awesome husband, who made me homemade wonton soup, fed me NyQuil, bought me magazines, and put in a fresh DVD every time I asked.
2. The comedic stylings of Jason Segal (Freaks and Geeks + HIMYM season 2)
3. Gatorade Fruit Punch - an excellent way to stave off dehydration

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