Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another Sunny Day

I am not a blogging type of gal, but when I wanted to comment on my pal Christine's blog, I was forced to sign up for one of my own. So here very first post. Mom would be proud.

We saw Belle and Sebastian last night at the Paramount, with The New Pornographers. It was their last show on their North American tour, and it was fabulous. I even scored this snazzy tee (see profile photo) to proclaim my love for B & S. I also have to mention how brilliant TNP are! They have so many great songs that I love, but don't always remember as being from them. Their two most recent albums are now getting heavy rotation in the mix, along with The Life Pursuit and Books.

Tangent...why are so many writers using the word "natch" lately? I even read it in a NYT article yesterday! Unless you are Ted Casablanca, you really don't need to use that word. Anyone with me on this one?

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Christine said...

Am I with you on this one?

I'm so glad that you decided to start a blog. I look forward to harassing you about updating it!