Thursday, August 03, 2006

PR Episode 4 thoughts

Wow. This may have been the best episode ever, if you don't count the clothes. Where is Michael Kors when you need him? These outfits were completely underwhelming.

Keith is auf: Karma did indeed catch up with Keith, and I can't bring myself to feel sorry for him. His over-the-top arrogance, combined with blatant cheating, did him in and he deserved to be kicked off.

Angela's win: Completely due to the good taste and skills of Laura and Michael. I'll give it to her, the rosettes worked as buttons, but please don't call them your "signature." If I have to look at those stupid rosettes for the rest of the season I will seriously go blind. I really loved how no one wanted Angela to pick them--even the model looked bummed to be stuck with her. I'm sorry, but even if she won I can't get past her own hideous clothes. The bubble skirt, those AWFUL pants (what was that weird fabric on the rear?)...ICK. I do have to give her credit for working with Laura and Michael as a team and not just blazing ahead as the team leader.

Heidi's outfit: WHY was she wearing formal shorts???

Favorite phrases: "I'm a squid without an ocean."--Bradley
"No more granny flowers!"--Laura
"DA-YUM!"--Michael, making the Home Alone face

Top 3: still Kayne, Robert, Michael. I can't give up on Kayne and Robert just because they had a bad outfit--I still love them! And Michael...well, he's just awesome. Carry on!

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