Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Project Runway Episode 7 thoughts

I'm so over this week's episode I can barely be bothered to write about it. Jeffrey was an ass, and Angela's mom was annoying (but she still didn't deserve to be treated so rudely); no big surprises there. But wait...Robert was sent home, and Vincent won??? How did this happen? And why is season 3 turning into such a drama fest? I wish they would take Jay's advice and let the work speak for itself, because I'm tired of seeing boring clothes and listening to people yell at each other. If they would give them real fabric, a decent amount of money to spend on it, and slightly more realistic timeframes I'm sure it would be less "dramatic" but at least the clothes would be worth looking at. That said, here's my summation of the episode, plus the 2 I missed while I was on vacation:

My new top 3: Michael, Uli, Kayne. Michael has been showing creativity and skill from the beginning and I was so happy to see him win, twice! I loved the reversible shirtdress; I'm not really into reversible clothing but his was cute enough to win me over. Uli is consistently original and you gotta love the way she paired a print with stripes and made Kayne's mom look amazing. I thought she should have won this challenge. Kayne has been a little harsh to some folks lately, but I still love him. I'm sure I'd be getting grouchy if I were under that kind of pressure. Not Jeffrey grouchy, but still.

Vincent wins: Wha-huh? So if I make a satin dress that manages to make a svelte woman look all pooch-y in the stomach and then tack some harlequin clown lapels on the front I could win too? Seriously, the dress did not deserve to win. Uli's mom is adorable, though.

Robert: I will miss him so much; it seemed like everyone else was as bummed as we (the PR-watching crew) were to see him go. I scrim, you scrim...we love you, Robert!

Jeffrey: Tacky, tacky, tacky. The dress, his behavior, everything about him in this episode.

I really hope tomorrow night will be a better episode, with a real challenge. No more team challenges, no more "creative" materials, no more obvious drama plays, people! There is enough drama without the producers sticking their fingers in the pie, so I wish they'd stop already. And I know Heidi's pregnancy is starting to show, but why can't they get the supermodel a decent outfit? This should not be too much to ask from a show about fashion.

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