Saturday, June 09, 2007

The annual Father's Day dilemma

Every year, it's the same old selection of Father's Day cards. Golf clubs, neckties, fishing reels and martini glasses comprise nearly half of all the available cards. At least another 10% is wasted on Canada geese or other waterfowl, usually accompanied by some hokey quote. 10% more are specifically created for the little ones to give Daddy, another 10% are addressed to the "World's Best Dad," and an additional 10% is given over to the "For the Father of my Children" market. That doesn't leave too many for the rest of us to choose from. So what do you do if you're a grown-up kid or just hate cheesy cards? Here are a few of my favorite solutions:

"Stone Repeat Father's Day" from Egg Press (card is taller than shown in above image), $6.00 + shipping, available
here or check out their list of retailers.

"Lawnmower" from Two Piglets, app. $4.50, find a local retailer

When in doubt, a beautiful blank card is always a good option. "Two Leaves" from B Designs, sold with their Woodland Collection ($25.00 for 10 notes, + shipping)
here or find a store near you.

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