Saturday, June 09, 2007

The laziest post ever.

Since I started my blog last year, I've been keeping track of bizarre search terms that lead to my site. I've been waiting for the right time to post, and I decided today is the day, mainly because I'm too lazy to write anything original. So here, listed in descending order of bizarreness, are some of the craziest search terms around.

1. long fingernail slave (I think this definitely has to be the weirdest...not only do I not blog about those kinds of things, but my blog didn't show up until something like the 14th page of Google--how long was this person researching their incredibly random topic?!?)
2. stinky garbage girl (so...confused...eewww.)
3. poo (you write one whiny post about the person who puts their dog poo in your garbage can, and wham! you're on the "poo" search engine list for life!)
4. chocolate pudding dessert named chocolate fatso (the person searching was from Grinnell, Iowa--doesn't "chocolate fatso" just sound like a Midwestern dessert?)
5. dance ramer (awesome.)
6. Kristen couch (I know I spend a lot of time on the couch, but come on now!)
7. mailing address for Christopher Guest (yes, because not only do I have his address in my Filofax but I've posted it for the whole world to see...)
8. Theo chocolate sucks (actually it rules--it's delicious, and if you take the factory tour they give you TONS of free chocolate. I think the person who typed this in sucks!)
9. kill the groove (um, you better not. Sophie Ellis Bextor will mess you UP.)
10. dressed in yellow she says hello come sit next to me you fine fellow (considering that I posted the entire lyrics to this rap I'm not surprised at this one.)

Happy weekend!


Christine said...

stinky garbarge girl... heh heh heh! :)

I get a lot of hits for "Christine sucks" and "Christine ass." Quite a self esteem booster.

Adam said...

LOL. You realize this post is just going to amplify the effect, right :)? But seriously, where can I find the chocolate fatso? If you it's getting away - I will prove you wrong.