Saturday, July 22, 2006


Oh my lord, I have turned into such a wimp since I moved to Seattle. When I was growing up in the midwest, summers were nothing but hot and humid. You froze inside from the AC and scorched outside from the heat and that's just the way it was. But now I'm used to 60-70 degree weather with a breeze coming off the water, and this muggy 90-plus degree weather this weekend is killing me! All I want to do is sit on the cement floor in the basement and eat popsicles.

We went to the M's game last night--we have tickets all weekend because the Red Sox are in town and they're Larry's team. I also love the Red Sox because Larry got me into them, but I'm more of a Mariners fan. Since I never really watched baseball before the Mariners, they've become my home team, and though they're often disappointing I still love them. But games against the Red Sox are tough--I find myself cheering for both teams and getting strange looks from those around me.

Last night we were in the upper deck behind home plate, and it was really interesting to see the pitches from that vantage point. There were a lot of near-misses and several batters hit by the ball--maybe it was the weather, because there were also a lot of home runs. We lost 9-4, but Yuniesky played well; he was 4 for 4 in his at-bats and of course rocked on defense. I was working today so couldn't go, but we beat Boston 5-2. (Unfortunately, Larry got beer spilled on him by drunken M's fans who called Ichiro a "Chinaman." Nice, huh?) Tomorrow we're behind the left-field foul post; it should be fun to see the game from another new perspective. I imagine I'll be happy no matter who wins...

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