Monday, July 17, 2006

Project Runway episode 1 thoughts

Who I thought should have won: Michael or Robert. Michael's dress of coffee filters was the most innovative AND completely beautiful to boot. Just don't wear it in the rain...Robert's dress was also imaginative and super cute. I hope he makes it to the final 3.

Why I don't like Keith: He lied to the judges at his audition!!! He said he had codesigned womenswear, but in one of his personal interviews he said it was the first time he had ever made a dress. I don't like that. Even if he's "designed" womenswear, if he hasn't sewn it before then he shouldn't act like he has. Plus I didn't think it was that great of a dress. His "Gone with the Wind"/Carol Burnett story (and his cuteness) is what won the challenge, not the outfit (although he does get some credit for actually turning out a decent first dress).

Malan's freaky accent: So he was born in Taiwan, lived in London and "all over," but why does his accent sound mostly like Kara Janx who's from South Africa? Can you say FAKE???
**Update: After reading this interview I take it back--the accent could definitely be a combination of Australia, Hong Kong, etc. Sorry, Malan! I like him better and better each day, which is a little weird since he's not on the show anymore, but he's really likeable in all of his interviews. I hope he makes it big someday and proves his mom wrong.

Kayne: I love, love, LOVE him. When he said Michael's dress looked "like it would smell like Febreze," my adoration of Kayne was cemented. I don't care if everything he makes this season is hideous (though I hope it won't be because I'd love to see him stay on the show), he is sweet and hilarious and I love him!

Tim Gunn: The real star of the show. I wish he was my super cool uncle. Carry on!

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