Thursday, July 13, 2006

Project Runway is here at last!

So last night we hosted a party to celebrate the season 3 premiere of Project Runway, quite possibly the best show EVER. It was super fun--we only invited fellow fans of the show so everyone was into it, and they even indulged my silly trivia game. The only sad part was when I realized that I might be a wee bit obsessed with PR, because some (okay, many) of my questions were such obscure references that people couldn't figure them out. The only people who scored really well were 1) Missy, who was out of the country during season 2 and just watched the DVD with us less than a week before the party (because of course I bought it the same day it came out) and 2) Amanda, who I got addicted to the show after loaning her the season 1 DVD and who joined us for the season 2 marathon. I'm curious to see if anyone else is as into this show as I am, so I'm posting the questions below...see how you score!

Project Runway Trivia Challenge

1. In which episode did Tim say to/about Wendy, "Don't defend the shoe to me?"
2. Who coined the phrase "wickety-wack?"
3. To what did season 1's Robert Plotkin compare a beautiful woman?
4. What New York gossip rag gave a special mention to Austin Scarlett?
5. Who is Shetangy?
6. Who most likely said, "Where the HELL is my chiffon?"
part 2: In which episode did this person sport an uncomfortably bizarre British accent?
7. In season 2, Santino, Nick, Daniel V. and Andrae were the boys of what?
8 What are Tim's two most famous catchphrases?
9. Which season 1 designer delivered mail in season 2?
10. For which socialite did season 2 contestants design a dress?
11. When Jay said, "I didn't take the bitch's dye, that's fo' sho'," who was the bitch?
12. What two designers used the same ombre fabric, but in different seasons?
13. Which season 1 model showed up late, threw regular tantrums, and nearly ruined Kevin's dress?
14. What was Wendy Pepper's nickname for herself?
15. Sing any two of Santino's musical numbers.
16. What scandal almost derailed Kara Saun's runway show?
17. Who said she didn't know what "Auf wiedersehn" meant?
18. How many hours did John Wade spend on his semi-finals dress?
19. Which designer's dress was Michael Kors referring to when he said, "She looks like Barefoot Appalachian L'il Abner Barbie!"?
20. Name 3 guest judges from either season 1 or 2.

1. USPS challenge
2. Nick
3. A race car

4. Page Six
5. Zulema's alter ego
6. Andrae (yes, I know it's up for debate but they're MY questions!)
part 2. Clothes off your back challenge
7. 35 D (their apartment)
8. "Make it work," and "Carry on."
9. Robert Plotkin (for the ice-skating costume challenge)
10. Nicky Hilton
11. Kevin
12. Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice
13. Morgan (or as I like to remember, Morganza)
14. The Longshot
15. There are 3 (that I remember): "Daniel Franco, where did you go..."; "Lighten up! It's just fashion!"; "Ain't gonna sew-ew no more..."
16. She had shoes made for free by her friends at Dollhouse, in violation of the PR contract
17. Heidi Standridge
18. 8
19. Raymundo's (My Scene Barbie challenge)
20. Choose from: Parker Posey, Badgley and Mischka, Amsale, Debra Messing, Nicky Hilton, Sasha Cohen, Nancy O'Dell, Cynthia Rowley, and others I can't remember right now.

How'd you do?

0-5: You're out early like Daniel Franco...follow your bliss!
5-10: Was it the shirt? You're out (like Emmett).
10-15: Like Kara and Austin, you get your own decoy runway show.
15-20: Ready yourself for Project Jay!

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