Thursday, July 20, 2006

Project Runway episode 2 thoughts

Malan being auf'ed: Strangely,I really started to have a soft spot for Malan this epsiode, which of course is when he got kicked off. Damn producers. Seriously, though, he came across so differently in his exit interview than he was edited to show on the first episodes. I didn't even mind the accent after a while. He was a wee bit melodramatic at the end, but even so I really warmed to him and am sad he is gone. Especially when he's a much more talented designer than either...

Vincent: CRAZY. Really, he scares me and I feel a bit uncomfortable even watching him. It's like watching a train wreck. And what was with the "sweetheart" this and "dear" that to Angela? Patronizing much?
Angela: ICK. After harassing Kayne and biffing her interview with Miss USA (I'm sorry, but you're a designer who doesn't sketch? Are you kidding me?), she shouldn't have been surprised to be the last one chosen. I thought that Vincent was an ass to her, but she was just as bad with her rotten, nagging attitude. I hope she gets the boot soon, 'cause I can't stand her.

Kayne and Robert: Still loving them both!!! I loved the dress (even though there was a little something funky going on with the top) and thought it was perfect for a pageant. Plus they were so fun to watch. My favorite moment was when Robert said, "She's a beauty queen, not a disco ball," and Kayne replied that they had bought a thousand rhinestones and were going to use them! Oh I adore them so. I hope they both make it to the final three.

Laura and Michael: Another great team, it was just too bad that the nude fabric came across as white. Maybe not the perfect dress for a pageant, but truly beautiful and classic. (Although I wish Laura would cover her sternum--she looks unhealthily skinny when it shows.)

Was sad not to see more of Tim this episode--hopefully next time.

One last this blog from one of the producers.

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