Thursday, July 27, 2006

Project Runway episode 3 thoughts

Katie vs. Angela: Okay, I get that Katie's dress was simple and didn't look finished. But it was pretty and looked like something you might actually want to wear, as opposed to Angela's "British assistant at an art camp in Paris who spends her free time on the sidewalks of Pigalle" look. I just wish Katie would have finished the hoodie--even if it was sleeveless, it would have been better than nothing. I hope one day people will learn that they should ALWAYS listen to Tim Gunn. The man is a genius!

Who I thought should win: Michael. His dress was killer--so sexy but totally wearable. I think he's going to emerge as a top contender as the season progresses; he definitely deserves more recognition than he's getting right now. (I really liked Uli's dress too, but I thought Michael was wrongly overlooked.)

Continuing rant against Keith: Please, Keith, do us all a favor and get over yourself already. You're not that great. And stop lying!!! The other designers were actually rolling their eyes when he said he had made 3 or 4 outfits for Morgan and none of them worked; it sounded like a complete load of crap, especially since he said from the beginning that he had no intention of making an outfit for her. I was so happy that Heidi called him out on the bracelet/collar that he claimed to have made (altered, yes; created from scratch, NO). His only redeeming quality was his seemingly genuine concern for Bradley. But karma's going to catch up with Keith sooner or later...

My top 3: Kayne, Robert, Michael. I love Kayne--he's just so fun to watch, and so far I've loved all of his designs--so he really can do no wrong in my book. Ditto for Robert. And the two together are even better! We haven't gotten to see much of Michael's personality, but the two designs he's shown are amazing. I hope we get to see all three designers for a long, long time.

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